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Who we work with - Corporate

If you’re a leader of a Fortune 500 or Entrepreneurial Start-Up, Christie will work with you to custom design a program, session or event that is guaranteed to drive performance and results. See what Christie’s corporate clients are saying:

Running a coaching program for BMO Financial Group, I've hired and worked with a lot of corporate coaches. Christie Mann is without a doubt one of the best ones I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She is intuitive, smart, accessible and has the uncanny ability to find what's most important for her clients almost immediately. Regardless of the topic she's faced with as a coach, she will bring the best out of her clients and help them overcome any hurdle. Christie is also an extraordinary group facilitator. Her keen powers of observation, coupled with her ability to make complex content simple, mean that she can adapt to any audience, delivering the right message in the most meaningful way possible.

Andrew Soren, Senior Manager and National Team Lead, Coaching for Performance, BMO Bank of Montreal

Christie is a gifted coach and facilitator who executes with excellence. She has a unique way of drawing people in and leading people to action in an effortless way, and doesn’t let people off the hook. She executes with pace, and she never lets you see her sweat. Her positive energy and enthusiasm are infectious to all who work with her, and she brings teamwork and team effectiveness to new heights by her collaborative and engaging style. I would never hesitate to recommend Christie to organizations looking to drive performance and build high performing teams.

Julie Barker-Merz, Vice President and Chief Operating officer, BMO Insurance

I've worked with Christie Mann for more than 1-year now and her passion stands out to me as I rarely meet someone so dedicated to their craft. Christie is a very engaging, inspiring and responsive coach who pushes limits. Her expertise, high-energy and direct communication style continues to inspire my colleagues and I – we have become a more productive sales force as a result. I fully endorse Christie without reservation.

Peter Themos, Manager, BMO Insurance Sales Support

It's been a pleasure to work with Christie. We were looking to build coaching skills for our leadership team. Christie adapted quickly to our business context and designed a workshop which was "exactly what we needed" according to the participants. Not only we received positive feedback from all participants who attended the half day session, but I have also seen great improvements from participants  on how they use coaching skills to support their direct reports. Christie was not only able to design a session that was effective for us, but the delivery of it was a lot of fun! I would work with Christie again anytime in the future if I have the opportunity.

Jean-Francois Charpentier, Manager, Recruitment Delivery, AON Hewitt

Working for Christie Mann as a Community Relations Representative at McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The first thing I noticed when I began working for Christie was the way she lead me and the other members of the team. She treated us each as individuals, with our own aspirations and ideas, and she demonstrated that our contributions were valued. Christie moulded our group of people with widely diverse backgrounds and talents into a cohesive unit.

David Parker, CRR - McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

Christie’s people skills are exceptional. She actively listens and most definitely communicates with honesty and integrity. One of her strongest qualities!

Terri Toms, Owner/Operator - McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

Christie has a wonderful rapport with people, especially since her success relied on being able to connect with potential clientele. She has a special talent for captivating people with her creative ideas and drawing them in with her enthusiasm. She is able to develop an idea and follow through with execution.

Regina Hu-A-Kam, Owner/Operator - McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada

In 2004, our marketing initiatives were growing and I engaged Christie’s services through her newly established company, Christie Mann Marketing Inc. I have seen Christie’s exceptional ability to inspire and motivate individuals in our business community and through the Downtown Yonge Discovery Team. We were fortunate to have Christie’s leadership and since this time have continued to work with her in an array of capacities, I would not hesitate to recommend Christie’s coaching, training or consulting services.

James Robinson, Executive Director - DYBIA

I was fortunate to receive corporate one-on-one coaching at work and it has become an invaluable part of my career development. The focus of my coaching has been to become a better manager and ensure that I’m developing the careers of everyone on my team. In a short space of time I was able to put my new management approach into action and notice the benefits. Coaching has made me more confident and effective at work.

Claire Dumican, Marketing Director - Blink Media Works

I was skeptical about the corporate values and vision seminar because I knew so little about how the process worked. Very quickly into the session I realized how important and useful the work was. I came out of the seminar with a better understanding of what my company meant to me, where I wanted it to be and how I was going to get there. To me, a coach is a valuable corporate consultant that can benefit businesses big and small.

AJ Vickery, President - Blink Media Works

As we began to grow our company we hired exceptional people and wanted to give them the best support available. We hired Christie as a resource for our managers to help them achieve their potential; I never imagined her work would form such a huge part of the character and spirit of my company. She is a unifying force and I would recommend investing in your people with Christie, to anyone.

Mike Agerbo, CEO - Blink Media Works

Thank you so much for such a powerful session. I reflected after our session and agree with you and believe that feedback does have the power to lift our results significantly, and to positively grow our people. Thank you for opening my eyes to its power, and it's positive result. No longer am I going to dread feedback, but look at it as a tool and huge opportunity! You have shifted my perception.

Christine Russell, CEO 889 Yonge

I had an opportunity to work with Christie on IDA’s Leadership Retreat in Toronto. She has the unique skills sets of being both a big thinker and an organized implementer. She was great on follow through for our event and was always concerned about ensuring that the big picture goals were met. I thoroughly enjoyed working with her.

Kit Cramer, CEO International Downtown Association

My firm was about to engage in a high powered meeting with senior management. With critical decisions to be made, the tension and anxiety were powerful. I knew our differences could be resolved if we improved our communication. We engaged Christie Mann as a consultant to facilitate my development as a leader, with a specific short-term organizational goal to manage this meeting successfully. The meeting went very smoothly and was a tremendous success for the company. The education I received has provided me with tools I use in business on a regular basis. Christie Mann's consulting delivered incredible value to me and my firm. Thank you Christie, we look forward to working with you again.

Geoffrey Lubert, MBA Vice President, Guy Carpenter & Company

Thank you for the powerful coaching. I find I am using the techniques in both my personal and professional life. I have caught myself a number of times hearing the saboteur say "but you are wrong, I am right" and avoided following him down that ugly path. It felt rewarding. Thank you Christie for all your talents and for always giving me new heights to reach for. Mostly, I love the fact that when we work together, you reinforce for me the values that truly matter to me - you make me feel good when you highlight what my true intentions are and that there is a way to deliver against them so that I am my best self.

Head of Strategy and Communications, Dale Carnegie Training, Southern Alberta & Saskatchewan, Alaska