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To discuss your needs regarding Personal Coaching or Leadership Consulting, call 323-580-4171 (US), 416-918-6224 (CAN), Email christie@christiemann.com or fill out the form below.

Developing People

How Personal Coaching works

Are you ready for coaching? There are criteria that a coach looks for in choosing their ideal clients. Are you:

  1. Open-minded and self aware, with a track record of success in career, relationships, and personal well-being?
  2. In a positive mind frame where on a whole ‘life is on the right track’, however in one or two areas you may be in transition, feel stuck, stalled, or as if you are drifting?
  3. Unsure how to apply your potential to improve your current situation?
  4. Able to laugh and be honest with yourself while being open to challenges and feedback?

If you’re ready contact us for a Consultation:

The most effective way to understand coaching is to experience it. We offer a 30-minute consult which will give you a sound understanding of how coaching works, what you can gain from it and if Christie Mann is the right coach for you (like in any relationship chemistry in coaching is important too). We will also use this time to discuss any of your questions and discuss specifics. By the end of this conversation you will be able to decide if you want to move forward in a collaborative coaching relationship. Click here to book your consult now.