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Driving Business

Driving Business

Christie is an experienced Leadership consultant working with Fortune 500s and start-ups on developing programs, meetings and events with a leadership focus. She has a unique ability; being able to design curriculum, tools and project plans and also execute the plan with exemplary facilitation, coaching and leadership skills.

Learning Series & Workshops

The Secret to Sustainable Results & Engaged Teams: From Management to Leadership

High performing organizations know the secret to creating environments that achieve sustainable business results and have engaged committed teams. There is a secret weapon; 3 critical skills when used effectively and often are what make the difference between managers and leaders and are what transform an ordinary organization into an extraordinary one. Take advantage of this 1-day and ½ day training sessions which focus on the fundamentals of developing managers, leadership skills.

Thank you so much for such a powerful session. I reflected after our session and agree with you and believe that feedback does have the power to lift our results significantly, and to positively grow our people. Thank you for opening my eyes to its power, and its positive result. No longer am I going to dread feedback, but look at it as a tool and huge opportunity! You have shifted my perception. — Christine Russell, CEO 889 Yonge

Identifying Your Corporate Culture

This 1-day seminar is aimed to support start-up companies in defining their values, mission, and vision combined with management development and team building exercises to unify newly organized management teams. The seminar ensures that your management team is aligned with the company’s purpose and direction. This is crucial for a healthy bottom line and a positive corporate culture.

I was skeptical about the corporate values and vision seminar because I knew so little about how the process worked. Very quickly into the session I realized how important and useful the work was. I came out of the seminar with a better understanding of what my company meant to me, where I wanted it to be and how I was going to get there. To me, a coach is a valuable corporate consultant that can benefit businesses big and small. — AJ Vickery, President - Blink Media Works

Creating Your Personal Brand

In this ½ day workshop you will create your personalized ‘tag line’ to spotlight and communicate your talent through identifying and using your core values. Gain confidence in marketing yourself and targeting your search to find work that supports your brand.

Head Trash 101

Head Trash - a definition: A concept used to name your thought processes and feelings that work to keep you from moving your business and life forward or deepening your learning process. In this ½ day workshop learn tricks & tips on how to manage your mental noise to increase your bottom line, hit your targets and achieve your dreams. Simply put, learn how to get out of your own way!

“We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same” - don Juan Matus as quoted by Carlos Castaneda

Group/Team Coaching

Working within your organization with groups and teams of individuals where the focus can range from leadership development to corporate value mining to team building. Group coaching combines the benefits of one 2 one coaching with the resources and energy of the group. We support two or more people to form, change, or improve their interaction and communication.

Leader & Executive Coaching

This is a partnership between the coach, the employee and the organization. This style of coaching is an individualized leader development process that builds a leader's capability to achieve short-and long-term organizational goals.