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Developing People

What is Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching is about you, as a whole person, your values, goals, work, balance, fulfillment and life purpose. Coaching heightens your awareness and clarifies your personal goals and priorities. Better understanding your thoughts, feelings, and options allows you to take appropriate actions to change your life, accomplish your goals, and feel more fulfilled. Coaching, is not therapy, advice or counseling, it's a relationship which provides help to an individual to take their dreams and the visions of what they want to do next with their lives - and do the work to make them a reality.

Couples Coaching

Ready to take your relationship to new heights? Want to set and attain aligned goals, have a deeper understanding of one another and create more intimacy in your relationship? Through this joint coaching process you and your partner will be taken through a series of exercises which will deepen your self awareness, give you greater insights into each other’s values, belief systems and ‘head trash’. You will complete the process with a renewed sense of partnership, improved communications skills, thrilling and attainable goals and a plan of action and accountability to help you make your dream life together your reality.

Circle Coaching

Circle coaching combines the benefits of individual coaching with the resources of the group making it an even more powerful process for participants. Individuals learn from each other and the interactions that take place within the group setting. For many people, being a witness to someone making a break-through is as valuable as having their own. Creating a circle of individuals who have a deep and meaningful connection and share common values and goals is a proven methodology for accelerating results. It is also an incredible way to build accountability within a community.

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